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Alternative Therapies

Mal Weeraratne – Continued…

I studied at the International Center for Release and Integration in Mill Valley, California, under Dr Jack Painter 1933-2010 (, the pioneer of deep bodywork in the USA. I also studied at Source School of Tantra in Maui, Hawaii under Charles and Caroline Muir ( for two years, earning a CTE certificate and becoming the first Advanced Certified Tantra Educator in the UK.

Completing modules 1 and 2 of Margot Anand’s Tantra Training in San Francisco, California, and also studying with Brandon Bays ( in the UK, to be an Accredited Journey Therapist have increased my knowledge and skills, and in addition I studied NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) with Dr Robert Bays in the UK.

I incorporate numerous massage modalities which I have learned over the past 20 years of being a massage practitioner.

The arena of sexual healing can often be judged harshly by others as being shameful, dangerous or seedy. In my experience nothing could be further from the truth. It is a deeply spiritual treatment, which offers healing across a wide range of issues. One of my earliest clients found a reversal in the cancerous cells of the cervix following several treatments, and another who suffered from vaginismus  (involuntary closing of the vagina, making penetration impossible) was finally able to make love with her partner. Most of my clients find either massive improvement in their intimate relationships, or that they are able to attract a successful partner into their lives. Menstrual problems are frequently resolved, as are numerous sexual dysfunctions, including inability to or difficulty with orgasm, emotional issues, insomnia, depression and body aches and stresses.

At the heart of treatment for the client is often the discovery of female ejaculation for the first time. The production and release of this amrita, as it is called, heralds a new level of vitality and relaxation which is profoundly healing.

99% of my clients are women of all ages and nationalities, and most (90%) come to me by word of mouth, with the remaining 10% through either the internet or the Büty Salon. They come with many of the problems listed above, ranging from a loss of interest in sex and relationship issues to phobias and physical problems.

Some problems can be traced back through the client’s history – something we begin to discover through an extensive consultation at the commencement of treatment. Other issues or memories can be more deeply buried or blocked inside, and can surface during treatment when the client’s subconscious feels safe enough to release them.

Issues often stem from an experience in childhood which impresses on us certain emotions or attitudes. These emotions and reactions may be helpful at the time but can hold us back later in life. Sexual, physical or emotional abuse in childhood is common, and can occur within a wide range of intensity. 90% of childhood abuse happens in the home, from a relative or caretaker who we trust, and this can be extremely confusing for us as children who put our trust in these adults. This can cause us to form trust issues with men in future, as we subconsciously decide they are dangerous, for example. Other experiences as we grow up can be as simple as a lack of physical hugs or contact from our caretakers, or perhaps the loss of a father, or a distant father. Another central source of lifelong beliefs and attitudes which can negatively shape us is some cultural or religious belief system which we can inadvertently absorb without question in childhood, especially if the same culture or religion offers us many positive aspects simultaneously.

Creating a safe platform for this uncovering, releasing and resolving of issues is central to a successful treatment. Each client is my teacher, and I approach carefully and attentively, observing her behaviour closely, whether it is positive or negative, and most importantly listening to every communication, be it verbal, non-verbal or energetic. I watch for every sign of body language, including the depth and speed of breathing and communication from the eyes.

I often refer to a Tantric treatment as awakening of the female energy, and it is undertaken gradually, with respect for each individual. Women are primarily emotional bodies, in contrast to men who are primarily logically minded. This means that women can experience joy and ecstasy through any part of their body more easily than a man, whose energy is more focussed genitally. However, it also means that a woman is more likely to shut down a part of her body due to negative emotions. When we absorb negative emotions the first thing that happens is that they are buried in our cells, causing pain which eventually becomes so chronic we shut off our perception and experience numbness. Women, being emotional in their bodies, do this more frequently than men.

When a client comes to me the first thing I do is meet her exactly where she is, emotionally, at the time. Even to arrive for the first session she often has to overcome some of the strongest barriers of shame, fear, guilt or mistrust which may have been with her for many years. I accept all the barriers and fears, without forcing any change. I understand that the outcome she wants from a treatment is to be free from her issues, but this must be approached with the greatest sensitivity and respect for her emotions. Full unconditional acceptance is key to developing trust. We may take a long time in Talking therapy sessions before any bodywork, which also helps to develop trust, and to open the mind for treatment. Clients may have questions, or a lack of knowledge about the treatment or their own issues, which can be fully explained through dialogue, including preparing her for what can actually happen during a treatment.

When we begin bodywork, it is fully clothed, using T-Journey Level 1 (Thai-Yoga massage) techniques. This is a safe and comfortable place for most women to start, and helps to further develop trust while being in itself a powerful treatment. When she is completely comfortable and ready we can go on to massaging partly uncovered areas of body, and when the time is right we can massage fully naked using T-Journey Level 2 techniques. This process of uncovering the body is often mirrored in the experience of uncovering emotions. By the time a woman feels comfortable enough to be naked she is more ready to open to deeper healing.

After a few sessions of deep full body massages, and once she is comfortably opening physically, emotionally and energetically, I can then introduce the Yoni Healing massage using Tantric Journey massage techniques. During the yoni (vaginal) massage it is important, as in all aspects of treatment, not to force any outcome, especially ejaculation.  Ejaculation requires a very deep level of trust and for the body to totally surrender.

For me as a practitioner there are important basic principals which always guide my work. One is that my client is always right, and that it is imperative that I hold the space unconditionally and without judgement for her to acknowledge and express her emotions fully. There are no right or wrong emotions and in order for emotions to flow and be released we must fully welcome them all. Another is that a woman can always change her mind at any time, as emotions behave much like waves in the sea; sometimes approaching, sometimes receding, sometimes washing over and through us. They are constantly changing, both positive and negative. This must be respected fully.  The woman is always in control, and it is my job to be her student and learn fast. She is totally individual in her needs and desires in any moment, and it is important that I drop my ego and my own ideas about how a session proceeds and comply with what she wants and needs at all times.

Finally, to work always with unconditional love, and to treat all women equally knowing that every woman is different, and the same woman is different in every moment. It can be magical to watch a client as they open and expand their experience with the support and safe space I can provide. Indeed it is an honour to be able to accompany a woman on her journey of self discovery and healing.

Please note:

  • I do not hold any medical qualifications. Any client who may have an existing or suspected medical condition should consult their own GP.
  • Treatments are not carried out at Büty salon, and the premises where above treatments are carried out are not used for any gain or reward. Prices listed below are only a suggested donation
  • All treatments are performed for the purpose of learning, healing, research and development
  • All clients will be given a Treatment card and a consent form to sign
  • No sexual services will be offered at the premises

For more information or to book an appointment;

Contact Mal on 07956 568 227


Or have a look at the Tantric Journey website for more information:

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